With the CBS expanded framework, we have synergies with strategic partners to provide food, agriculture and services to Asia.


  • Rice Farming in Cambodia

As one of the leading food crops in the world, rice is a global staple food for nearly half of the worlds entire entire population. It is estimated that more then 90% of the rice are consumed and produced in the Asia Pacific Region, holding the largest share in the world.

Palm Oil

  • Supplier of Crude Palm oil in India

Palm Oil serves many functions and is common in various food products such as cooking oil and margarine and in non-food products like soap and cosmetics. Its use is widespread because of its lower cost and high oxidative saturation of the refined product when used for frying.


  • Supplier of Soybean in Indonesia
  • Soybean is a stable and nutritional food for consumers around the world, soybean products are also ingredients in many meat and dairy substitutes. Traditional non-fermented food uses include soy milk and tofu skin and fermented soy foods include soy sauce, fermented bean paste and tempeh.